Many people have to calculate how much lumber it will take to build a house or bath. It’s easy to determine how many planks or lumber you need. But the price of lumber is usually given per cubic feet, in which case it is more convenient to use a special program for calculations.

With the help of our board foot calculator you, knowing the length, width and thickness of the board, as well as their number in pieces, you can calculate how many board foot of lumber you need and how much will cost one cubic feet or one board.


Sawn timber is called this because it is produced by sawing the trunk of wood. Sawn timber is used for construction, furniture manufacturing, various containers and other products. Today this type of building materials is the most popular.

The wood from which do lumber, is an excellent heat-insulating material, supports stable humidity and does not demand special processing and care that makes it especially convenient.


Lumber includes timber, trimmed board, unedged board, construction laths. The bar is a log processed from all sides. In cut it has a square or rectangular cross section. The bar is most widely used in the construction of houses, baths and flooring structures.

The cut board is a universal lumber, which is actively used both in construction work outside the building and in interior design. The edging board in section represents an elongated rectangle.

A trimmed board differs from a trimmed board by the fact that its edges are not cut, so you can see the layer of wood bark from which this board was cut. A construction strip or bar is a bar with a smaller cross-section than the usual and is widely used in construction.

Sawn timber varies in the type of wood from which it is made. They are made of conifers such as pine, spruce and larch. And from hardwoods such as oak and beech, birch and aspen.

Lumber is also distinguished by its moisture content. They are divided into raw wood with a moisture level of more than 22 percent and dry wood with a moisture level below 22 percent. The former are used for construction work, and the latter for furniture manufacturing.

There are also several types of lumber. The choice of type depends on the application. So, for furniture the materials of the highest grade are used. For carpentry and molding products will fit lumber of 1st grade, and 2 and 3 grade is used exclusively as a building board.


If lumber is not used for a long time, it must be protected from moisture. This can cause them to deteriorate. It is not recommended to store the lumber stacked on top of each other. There must always be gaskets between the layers of planks or boards.

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